About Youth 20

The Y20 is widely acknowledged as the most influential young leaders international diplomatic forum in the high-level G20 head of state summit.

Since its creation in 2010 is the only officially recognised platform for young generation from across the G20 countries to discuss global problems, find solutions and finally submit them to the most important national leaders in the world.

With a focus set on creating an Inclusive, disruptive and impactful experience that leaves a legacy, this years Summit will take place in the Siglo 21 University Campus in Córdoba (Argentina) from August 13th-18th, marking the first time in history that a Y20 Summit is held in South America.

20 countries & 80 young leaders

This 2018 the Y20 Summit will gather over 80 young leaders (between 18 a 30 years old) that will participate in the debates and work on the different subjects the summit will tackle.

The 46 official delegates that have been selected by each of the G20 countries will be joined by over 30 young special guests that were selected based on their outstanding profiles and experience in the fields of social innovation.

Every delegate will bring their knowledge, experience, perspectives, dreams and passion to Y20 to create a space of representation and responsibility to promote the vision of young people around the world.

The participants of the 2018 Y20 Summit are not only be “thinkers” but rather "doers", young leaders that are already creating positive impact in their own communities.
“Since high school, my aim was to think critically about reality and take actions to shape the world we wanted. We can all be changemakers!”

Gaia Paradiso - Italian Delegate - 30 years old

Task Forces

In 2018, Y20 has chosen to focus on ‘Future of Work’, one of the central axis of the G20 agenda that will be discussed throughout the year.

The topic will be dealt with through 4 specific task forces for an easier approach, to enrich the debate and potentiate the outcome. For more information read our following concept papers:
Sustainability for Development
Education and Skills for the 21st Century
Future of Work
Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment

The Social Innovation Warehouse

Driven by their true desire to leave a legacy in terms of youth public policies, this 2018 Y20 is not only focused on the creation of an impactful policy recommendation paper that will contain the collective views of youth and will be handed to the G20 presidential Summit in November, but also is working towards making this Summit a turning point in the history of Y2O.

In line with our slogan “Shaking the Present, Building the Future” for the first time since its creation, the delegates will also be working to craft +10 projects that will constitute the cornerstone for the “Social Innovation Warehouse”, an international bank that will contain escalable and replicable projects and will serve as input for governments and organizations that want to implement youth public policies worldwide.

Y2O is also articulating with Japan and Saudi Arabia to build the first ever Y20 “Troika”, a landmark that will ensure the continuity of the work done by the delegates and by the organizing committee during the Summit in the mid to long terms.
“Youth does not have the potential to change the world, they already are doing it. This year, Y20 will show how necessary is for governments to involve youth into strategic and incidence spaces, to debate the Future of Work without taking into account the views of the people who will be the main focus of its effects, is like working blindfolded”

Agustín A. Batto Carol - Founder of EIDOS and Chair of the Youth 20

2018 Timeline

2018 is set to be one exciting year for youth worldwide.
The road for the Y20 Summit will be filled with events and work sessions, from Online and Regional Dialogues to a forum featuring the World's Largest Lesson.

Kick Off

Youth Forum
jan 31st
United Nations


jan -> apr

Breakfast with
of Commerce

“Are we ready
for the future
of work?”
mar 23rd

Economy for

mar 28th

Y20 Workshop
working groups
of Education,
Economy and
Digital Economy

apr 10th


apr 20th
Buenos Aires,


may -> jul


may -> jul

Y20 Public
Sector Dialogue
- Madrid, Spain

may 23rd -> 24th

Youth Day

aug 12th


aug 13th -> 18th


As part of their mandate, this year Y20 has been actively participating in some of the most influential and important national and international events, advocating for youth.

The list includes:

- G20 Employment Working Group Meeting - Buenos Aires, Argentina.
- G20 Climate Change Meeting - Buenos Aires, Argentina.
- G20 Education, Employment and Digital Economy Working Group Meeting (where Y20 facilitated a special workshop) - Buenos Aires, Argentina.
- G2O II Sherpa Meeting - Usuahia, Argentina.
- OECD Forum - Paris, France.
- CPLP Youth Forum - Cascáis, Portugal.
- SPIEF - St. Petersburg Economic Forum - St. Petersburg, Russia.
- G20 Education and Employment Working Group Meeting - Geneva, Switzerland.
- G20 Sustainable Development Working Group Meeting - Tucumán, Argentina.

For the first time ever, this year the Y20 co-organized with the OIJ the "Y20 Public Sector Dialogue", an event that reunited Public representatives from 21 countries to share better practices and debate how can we work towards the inclusion of youth in more influential and strategic incidence spaces.


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