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The Social Innovation Warehouse is an online repository of youth-led scalable projects aligned to the SDGs. Learn more.

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From projects that tackle educational challenges, to sustainable development and employment issues, the Social Innovation Warehouse can help you find a new way to work towards a positive impact:

Kilometro Uno

If you can't see it you may think it does not exist. But marine litter impacts the economy, society and the environment equally, with not a single restriction. Youth is aiming to creatively solve this problem, but are not considered on decision making. This is why Kilometro uno created “Youth's for the Ocean National Network” a structure that gathers and develops coastal, marine and oceanic youth-led projects from across the country and focuses on advances in research, innovation, capacity building, and public policy.

Tijuana, Mexico.

SDG-12 SDG-13 SDG-14 SDG-17

EM Farms Limited


SDG-1 SDG-2 SDG-13

Alex's Adventure

Alex’s Adventure Ltd, is a key player in substance misuse e-learning, provides a complete end-to-end solution that addresses the entire range of needs associated with drug education. Our solution is designed to be cost-effective and provide a faster implementation than the current drug education models.




At Dafero, we believe in using food for social good, crafting delicious yet sugarfree sweets that everyone can enjoy while supporting and employing the most vulnerable women in our communities. Our company specializes in vegan, paleo, glutenfree and low glycemic index desserts, allowing those with dietary restraints to enjoy the same delicious flavors as everyone else.

Washington DC


Friends of the Students

Friends of the Students helps to ensure that students in Nigeria get adequate and appropriate skills, knowledge, training, and exposure they need to be competitive in the labor market and at the same time meet the demand of her economy.



Backyard Tour Sdn. Bhd.

Backyard Tour provides unique experiential trips for travelers while empowering rural communities holistically in Sarawak, Malaysia. Using tourism as an income tool, we hope to improve the standard of living among the rural communities thus lifting them out from B40 group.

Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia


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About the SIW


A collaborative platform with projects created by young leaders working to create positive impact.


Change your approach and find new ways of tackling old problems.


An integral repository to store and share free tools and ideas to solve global challenges.

The Social Innovation Warehouse has been created to bridge the gap between youth innovative solutions and stakeholders (governments, OOII, NGOs and other individuals) that can replicate them in other parts of the world, while providing resources for young social innovators to increase their impact and boost their capacity as changemakers.

The SIW was born during the 2018 Youth 20 summit, hosted by Eidos.

Capacity Building Programme

The Capacity Building Program is a 5-week, online, learn-by-doing training for young innovators to explore the multiple dimensions to be considered when delivering social innovation projects with a strong focus on impact.

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