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The Social Innovation Warehouse is an online repository of youth-led scalable projects aligned to the SDGs. Learn more.

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From projects that tackle educational challenges, to sustainable development and employment issues, the Social Innovation Warehouse can help you find a new way to work towards a positive impact:

Friends of the Students

Friends of the Students helps to ensure that students in Nigeria get adequate and appropriate skills, knowledge, training, and exposure they need to be competitive in the labor market and at the same time meet the demand of her economy.



Shield Foundation

Shield Foundation is an organization that that seeks to empower, and inspire the girl child to attain her financial independence and the relevant set of skills to fight economic and social segregation and to contribute effectively to sustainable economic development.




Cvium is a crowdsourcing platform for the world's social and environmental problems. A place where citizens, corporations and organizations are aligned to build their own society. Through campaigns, Cvium redesigns social collaboration in order to close the gap between problems and solutions.

Ciudad de México

SDG-1 SDG-10 SDG-11 SDG-13 SDG-17


EcoCoin is a sustainable currency that aims to reward anyone carrying out sustainable actions, such as for example, eating meat-free meals, switching to a green energy provider or riding a bike to work. We believe it will have a fundamental impact both by raising awareness and promoting sustainable behavior of the 30,000 students of our campus. We strive to officially launch our project in January 2020.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

SDG-12 SDG-13 SDG-17

Visas Iespējas

Visas Iespējas (All Opportunities) is a one-stop-shop platform for youth opportunities, such as scholarships, contests, exchange programs and work.


SDG-4 SDG-8 SDG-10 SDG-11 SDG-17

Scholarship for Afghanistan

To help 200,000 Afghan students who graduate from high school and do not find the chance to go to higher education and lack the skills to get the job they want, Scholarship for Afghanistan provide differential and cost-effective services to inspire youth and help them access to quality education and instantly find over thousand national and global opportunities and decent jobs.


SDG-1 SDG-17 SDG-3 SDG-4 SDG-8

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About the SIW


A collaborative platform with projects created by young leaders working to create positive impact.


Change your approach and find new ways of tackling old problems.


An integral repository to store and share free tools and ideas to solve global challenges.

The Social Innovation Warehouse has been created to bridge the gap between youth innovative solutions and stakeholders (governments, OOII, NGOs and other individuals) that can replicate them in other parts of the world, while providing resources for young social innovators to increase their impact and boost their capacity as changemakers.

The SIW was born during the 2018 Youth 20 summit, hosted by Eidos.

Capacity Building Programme

The Capacity Building Program is a 5-week, online, learn-by-doing training for young innovators to explore the multiple dimensions to be considered when delivering social innovation projects with a strong focus on impact.

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